Newton’s excellent schools are a primary attraction for new families moving into the city and it’s one of the key reasons generations after generations stay in Newton. I’m running for School Committee because while our schools are excellent, we must make improvements to maintain and expand upon that high standard of academic achievement which Newton is known for. A strong and wide breadth of academic programing are among our strengths. Further, we have terrific teachers and faculty.

However, as a district, we are facing some challenges such as instituting a later high school start time while navigating and respecting a tight financial budget and determining a funding plan for the next elementary school renovations. Creative planning and reasonable tradeoffs will be necessary to achieve our goals. I want to help our schools address these issues while adhering to our goal of academic excellence and equality for all students. 

Our schools must:

1. Maintain a strong academic curriculum and a wide breadth of programming

2. Plan for necessary updates to school buildings with strategic renovations to expand capacity 

3. Create an inclusive and emotionally safe school climate for all students 

4. Evaluate and implement strategies to close the persistent achievement gap 

5. Preserve reasonable class sizes